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>> dan: live look from emeryville camera. we have a brief break in the rain before a second more powerful storm arrives. i'm dan ashley. get ready for the next round of storms that could bring us rain everyday until sunday. sandhya patel is tracking it. she is here. >> the showers beginning to increase in the north bay on live doppler. we have our own radar and you can see light showers right around cloverdale, ukiah and 101. we have a stronger storm coming and it will be a slow moving system. this is the storm that will bring us heavy rain. we have a third system that is
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due in this weekend. i want to show you the second system first. the one that is going to affect us first thing tomorrow morning. at 5:00 a.m. the north bay and doesn't shift south very quickly. it will take its time. at 1:00 p.m. most of the focus of the light rainfall in the north bay. by evening things started to change. we started to pick up moisture across the coastline and more rain moves in bayh 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. when all is said and done the rainfall totals are impressive. i'll be back with the details on that. applause look what concerns we have is flooding, advisories and warnings. >> dan: this is what today's rain looked like in mill valley. cars that were parked at park and ride at 101 were sitting in water because of the downpour. pg&e crews have been busy with scattered power outages. some trees were knocked down
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this one. this from martinez, brown street there were problems there as you can see. >> on highway 17 this morning the fog was show thick it was hard to see the cars on the road. more on that from reporter karina rusk. >> reporter: the fog and heavy rain on highway 17 was so treacherous this morning, some drivers decided to wait it out. >> because the rain is heavy. and hillside especially. >> chp is trying to minimize problems by running traffic breaks to keep cars going at a slow and steady pace. >> driving too fast and braking time is increased. >> in the heart of the valley it couldn't get any slower. wild weather knocked a tree into the power lines and it backed up cars for miles. >> predictions, today is a light day.
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we'll start off with this kind of deal. we could be in for trouble. >> the fire department did utilize a parking lot at an empty business to direct drivers around the problem but only pg&e could restore power that left a lot of businesses in the dark. >> we had a terrific panic but what is going to happen now. >> reporter: she didn't get the blow dry she was expecting. some benefited from the related issues. like the drive-in restaurant at the summit. >> accidents that happen do happen. when traffic is backed up they come in and get what they want to eat and drink. >> rivers like this one are not close to flooding and aside from this spot, most people in the santa cruz mountains are welcoming the return of the wet weather. >> we got gutters cleaned and the storm drains all cleared. now, we decided to go to the
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movies up in scotts valley. >> the movie they were seeing, lincoln, it runs about 2 and a half hours. power outage affecting those businesses on highway 9 lasted more than three hours. now people are watching the clock waiting for that next round. >> dan: before we go any further the california emergency management agency says this kind of weather is a good reminder for all of us to make sure we are ready for any kind of natural hazard. we are encouraged to have emergency kits stocked with battery operated radios and flashlights. a three-day supply of food and water for every member of the family. a manual can opener. electric one won't work obviously in a power outage. and developing an emergency plan for your family are posted at
9:06 pm more than six hours since two cars fell off a flatbed truck in front of oncoming traffic at highway 880 at marina and two lanes are still closed. this some in san leandro. the marina overpass is also shut down. these cars that fell onto the roadway were crushed cars on their way to be recycled and reclaimed. the highway patrol is inspecting the area. earlier it was backed up for miles and miles. an animal control officer has been shot and killed near sacramento and right now police are still surrounding the gunman's house. it's happening in the town of gulf. the unarmed animal control officer went to the home of a man that was evicted yesterday. as the officer approached the house a shotgun blast hit the animal control officer.
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the gunman is believed to be the evicted man. the house was supposed to be empty and standoff continues right now. two teenager girls best friends who grew up together also dined together. -- died together. a barrage of bullets killing bobby and raquel. they were killed over a violent weekend in oakland. the mother of bobby spoke for the first time since the tragedy to nick smith. >> my daughter was my life. >> reporter: she is the mother of bobby. she and her best friend were gunned down in a quiet part of east oakland early sunday morning. >> i went to the corner's office. i couldn't believe it. they shot her quite a few times. >> witnesses tell me that it was here that the girls were standing when a car came up the street and opened fire.
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bobby's mother that her daughter could be boisterous at times but she was good girl. >> i cried. i try to do everything. >> they came to the aid of the girls after they were shot. bobby was hit first. she was lying here unresponsive. raquel was on the other side of the street. she, too, was shot multiple times but she was still breathing. >> i stepped in and was holding her hand until the police showed up. >> now two memorials sit in the spot where the girls were hit. friends and strangers are asking the same question, when will the violence end. >> she was junk and someone took her life. >> bullet holes at the scene but police telling me this is an active investigation and confirming that multiple shots were fired. the woman looking for answers the most is mother grieving the
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loss of her daughter. >> how much i love her. is there anything i could do to do it to get my date back. >> the mother tells us that oakland police are using the cellphone as part of the investigation. white car possibly a nissan leaving the scene. anyone with information contact the oakland police department. in oakland, nick smith, "abc 7 news". >> dan: more than half a million californians are facing a big rate hike in their health insurance and blue cross wants to raise premiums in january but some could see it go up by 25%. it will affect people that have individual policies. a spokesman says even with the increases the company expects to lose money on those policies. state insurance commissioner dave jones plans to review that rate request. keep in mind he can't stop it.
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state law does not allow regulators reject health insurance rate hikes. >> when we are talking about money and numbers, the numbers have been drawn and winning ticket worth $580 million. the powerball is 6. jackpot has rolled over 16 consecutive times but lottery officials this time there is a 75% chance the winning combination will be drawn. more than 160 million tickets were sold with tickets selling at a right 130,000 a minute across the nation. odds of winning are 175 million to one. powerball is played in 42 states. californians drove to arizona to buy a ticket. >> we are just getting started.
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coming up a man accused of sex crimes and performing illegal liposuction comes face to face with the people that he treated. >> south bay, two women pulled to safety from a burning camp ber by a stranger and puppy was saved, too. plus.... >> small amount of money. it could be a life saving. >> helping his homeland. later the effort by the author later the effort by the author of the kite [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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>> dan: a man accused of performing surgeries on one it go patients came face to face on the identity he stole. vic lee has the story you'll only see here. >> this is the man who prosecutors say posed as carlos guzman a figures's assistant. a man -- physician's assistant including sex crimes. >> you never in met this man? >> never. >> you never heard of him?
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>> no, never. >> this is real carlos guzman the real physician's assistant. he lives and practices in fresno. suspect's real name is close to his. he came to court and faced the man that stole his identity for the first time. prosecutors say that he has performed cosmetic surgery on nine women from a small office. one of them testified through an investigater that the office didn't have running water for him to wash his hands. stories of procedures have been ghastly. one procedure he was smoking a cigar. >> holding the sismtd v.and then when he struck the fatty tissue he handed it over. >> he flushed six pounds of her fat tissue down her toilet. he told us about another woman.
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>> we had another case where there was an individual that was having some performing around the eyes to make them look younger. he took the needle and put it in the forehead. >> that woman got an infection, a leak from an incision that wouldn't stop. >> she came back to try to get some help. he was actually helping her seal it with tissue paper and glue. >> public defender told us his accusers are lying. >> testimony has been coming out are fictional and they are illogical and most importantly they repeatedly guzman numerous times for repeated services, at some of the time, they even socialized with him. >> his lawyer also tells us that her client is a licensed medical
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doctor in mexico. he is being held on one million dollars bail and being charged also with sexually assaulting patients. whenever there is heavy rain in san francisco a lot of water pools in the mission district. as precaution today, city workers brought in sandbags to protect businesses and homes. the neighborhood is a former lagoon association rain water trickles down from other neighborhoods. city has a multimillion dollar plan in the works to help keep the mission from flooding in the years ahead. the rain was a challenge for folks in daly city where work crews were trying to shore up a hillside. november 13th rupture we reported to you let loose 45,000 gallons of water. you can see all the earth sha shifted. crews have been replacing the 5,000 cubic yards of soil and
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this rain isn't helping them. they have to fix the hillside before they can repair the water main. in pa assist ka was pounded by wind and rain and katie marzullo has more from that spot. >> i heard big boom and that with a bas it. >> she was working in the shop when an insulator blew leaving 1100 customers without power and intersection blocked off. >> i knew i was in trouble. >> richard holmes found himself in a dangerous situation. he and his neighbors woke up around 5:00 to a power surge. >> i went back to the master bedroom where i had gotten up and there why flames coming out of the electrical outlet. i grabbed my cellphone and when i stood up the smoke was down to about here. >> reporter: richard was not hurt but his master bedroom is
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destroyed and he lost his rare book collection. power lines came down in the neighborhood, as well. pg&e says that and fire could be a combination of bad weather and homes with old wiring. >> all night long. >> dan: trouble spots in lot of spots around the bay area. sandhya patel is tracking the weather. >> round two is going to be slow moving which makes matters worse. we'll get more rain coming out of the next system and third one, as well. live picture from high definition sutro camera. we still have clouds around and we did get some rain in the last 24 hours. picked up over an inch in santa rosa and .16 in san jose. peak wind gusts, 55-75 miles an hour. they hope the next one is for
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real. it looks like it is going to bring quite a bit of rain. live doppler 7-hd, not much happening except for a few showers beginning to redevelop in the north bay right now. you'll see the very light showers around cloverdale, monte rio out to lake port and ukiah. the radar is tracking the storm as it approaches. temperatures right now in the 50s. we do have clouds around. next storm in the north bay thursday by midday, wet and windy for the entire bay area any and saturday. stormy conditions sunday morning with the flood concerns coming up as we head into the weekend. this break, but we do have another storm coming. this will bring heavy rain that will spread south thursday to friday. that is what i'm talking about when i say slow moving storm. the next storm is number three.
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widespread wind and rain saturday afternoon going into sunday morning. tonight you'll see clouds around and few showers. 5:00 a.m. the rain is still north of santa rosa for the morning commute. grab your umbrellas when you leave in the morning because later in the afternoon we start to see some development ahead of the storm system, just light rainfall. 5:00 p.m., lighted rainfall you can see for the evening commute but it becomes heavy just north of ukiah has the cold front gets closer. that will start to shift south ward by 5:00 a.m. friday. morning commute, many of you traveling during this time period does not look good. that is when we'll see heavy wind, rain and could see thunder. behind the cold front. showers will continue and more rain redevelops as we head into saturday afternoon. the yellows and oranges indicating heavier rain at 4:00 p.m. look at these rainfall totals.
9:22 pm
up to ten inches in the north bay mountains, half a foot in the santa cruz mountains. we're looking at inch and a half to three inches in the east bay. a little less than that for the south bay. you can bet there might be concerns and biggest is flooding. flood watch is going up through the weekend for lake county, carquinez straits and areas to the north and east of us, as well. winter storm winning, thursday 4:00 p.m. to friday 4:00 p.m. 12-30 inches of new snow. travel delays are position in the sierras. bigger snow maker for that area. upper 40s to 50s first thing in the morning and rain gear in the north bay, mid-50s to mid-60s for your thursday. accu-weather seven-day forecast, turning stormy, heaviest part of
9:23 pm
the third system saturday afternoon, sunday morning, then we'll get a break monday through wednesday of next week with sunny, milder weather. >> dan: here we go. by the third storm, with all the saturated ground it could be a problem. >> you have wind involved and you may start seeing trees down and power lines down and flooding concerns. >> dan: thanks very much. it is not family first. new head of the yahoo opens b up about her prioriti
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>> dan: a woman describes at bernie madoff of campaign treasurers is headed for prison. she was stoned eight years.
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she pleaded guilty to defrauding her clients of $7 million including dianne feinstein. president obama is calling on americans to reach out to congress, tweet them, e-mail them and pressure lawmakers into saving middle-class tax cuts and avoid the fiscal cliff. taxes will go up an average of $2200 and both parties say they are open to compromise. taxes concern small business owners who met with the president yesterday. one of them runs an organic mushroom company. he told us that higher taxes will kill his business. >> we are most passionate about, a business like ours, if people are going to be taxed a couple more thousand dollars, that will affect us, as well. >> he admits his small business has benefited from programs he and friend started it three
9:28 pm
years and now they have 31 employees. for the first time since the election, president obama will meet privately with the man he beat in the race for president, mitt romney. they will talk tomorrow about ideas reviving the economy. president obama said that he would reach out to mitt romney and hold that private meeting after the election. today the president met with yahoo ceo marissa myer. she is trying to avoid the fiscal cliff. and she told a reporter, quote the baby has been way easier than everybody made it out to be. 37-year-old added she had an easy pregnancy and two-year-old son has been easy. she is very clear on her priorities, god, family and yahoo in that order. in the five months she has been in charge and yahoo took has hit 52 week highs. >> as we continue. search for robbers in a outrageous jewelry heist.
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we hope the video will help track them down. a helicopter flight and experimental technology for medical transplants. medical transplants. a when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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>> dan: good evening. for the second time a school employee is being credited for saving lives in a burning vehicle. david louie has the story. >> reporter: two women sleeping in this rv can thank an a elector grounds keep they're saw the flames at the school. jesse hernandez rescued them. >> as they were trying to escape one of them severely burnt hands and they were not able to get out. they were banging and yelling.
9:33 pm
more hernandez got that door opened and grabbed a garden hose and extinguished a certain amount of fire before we got there. >> they say he took a risk because there could have been a back draft which could have knocked him down. >> when he picked up the garden hose and starting to engage he potentially risked his life but it could have saved the fire from spreading to the home. >> the story doesn't end there, another life was saved. >> two women rescued new their three-month-old pit bull was still inside. a firefighter went in and found her. you won't see any video of jesse hernandez. he didn't want any praise for being a hero. >> he is a hero for sure. we are really proud of him. i was telling the kids, they were all pretty excited for us.
9:34 pm
>> a skx driver is being hailed a hero. she rescued a special needs student when it caught fire. >> the bus driver carried her to a bench away from the fire. then went back to the bus to keep everybody away from the bus. she really did her job today. >> no one ever claims to be a hero but it's nice to know they live among us when it could be a matter of life or death. david louie, "abc 7 news". >> dan: incredible. bay area man convicted of helping to kidnap a bus full of children won't be getting out of prison anytime soon. fred woods has been denied parole at men's colony. he and another man kidnapped 26 children and driver and buried them in a moving van until they
9:35 pm
escaped. one was release order parole in june. we have some new video of an outrageous armed robbery at a jewelry store in los gatos. police are looking for these two men wearing masks and carrying pistols after bursting in the jewelry store and robbed it. you can see one of the robbers hold employees at gunpoint. police say the two men then drove off in a gray vm with north carolina plates. that car was later found abandoned near los gatos creek trail. a man some n southern california has a lot of breathing room this evening. he is first person in the country to receive a new kind of lung transplant. here is the story. >> reporter: on board this helicopter and inside this box, living lungs, transplant
9:36 pm
surgeons hope could restore life to a man that could barely breathe. >> nothing never entered my head. >> the condition called pulmonary fibrosis was slowly hardening his lungs. he was tethered to his oxygen tank. his only hope a lung transplant. >> i could do nothing. >> this long time construction worker who helped build videotaped hospital he is staying in wanted to do more. he volunteered to be part of a new clinical trial examining the delivery of living lungs. the organ is infused with blood and okay general. you can see the lungs breathe on their own. >> it maintains the donor's lungs outside of a human body on a box in a state. >> rather than wait for one that
9:37 pm
w, they were able to get the lungs functioning right away. in three days he was walking and two weeks he is going home. >> you are way ahead what we expect at this point. >> lungs are most difficult to transplant because they are so delicate. 80% aren't used because they are in poor health. this allows them to clean the airways and prepare the lungs before transplantation. >> we are hoping this will make the patient feel better. they will be able to resume their normal lives. >> the doctor hopes the technology will expand the donor pool by restoring more potential organs. he knows it would mean nothing without the sacrifice of his donor and his family. >> i would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. >> dan: still to come tonight,
9:38 pm
desperate times for millions of people in afghanistan. >> it's almost unimaginable how these people survive. >> next, the author of a kite runner and intense effort to provide shelter to the people of [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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>> dan: airport security, did you ever get there and forgot a sweater or something. clothing would be turned over to homeless veterans under a bill that is now before the senate. each state has its own solution for the 850 items left behind nationwide every day at security
9:42 pm
checkpoints. unclaimed clothing in san jose is turned over to the state and sold at bulk at auction. 20,000 recently returning veterans from iraq and afghanistan are homeless on any given night. so the clothing would go to help them. the man who wrote the best-selling book, kite runner, lives in the bay area and is asking for help from homeless refugees. he is encouraging students to hold fund-raisers and learn about the children who live in a country much different than america but still, share the same hopes and dreams. cheryl jennings has the story. >> reporter: you are looking at video of afghanistan where he was born. he living in san jose now and internationally known for his best-selling book the kite runner. he spends his free time raising
9:43 pm
money to build shelters like this for homeless families in afghanistan and provide educational opportunities and health care for women and children. the need is overwhelming after 30 years of war. >> a lot of times people are left homeless without jobs, without food, access to clean water, education, health care. >> some resort to live under ground staying alive? >> there would be 15-25 people essentially living in these holes that had one opening at the very top as a window. they were living there, two and a half months, winter in afghanistan in many parts of country. freezing temperatures, routinely i would go to villages and see elders complain about the sick and elderly and children they were losing every winter. this is one reason why. it costs $2,000 for a family of six or seven people.
9:44 pm
it can be a life saving structure. >> families get a pre-packaged kit and build the shelterss themselves. >> getting the raw materials, they are given the window frames the doors, the beams. >> so far the foundation has raised enough money to build nearly 400 shelters to house 2300 people. his wife is helping afghan women that were injured with a program. they make jewelry and other items through a nonprofit. >> all the income that is generated by the sale of these items is reinvested in the lives of those women in helping with food and jobs and medicine. >> the doctor is tapping into his young fan base. >> i have had so many letters from high school students saying i would like to do something for afghanistan or kids just like me in afghanistan. >> he designed a program called sos.
9:45 pm
student out reach shelters. >> there is a service component and curriculum we devised that they can help us raise funds for shelters. >> i'm going to be helping his organization any way i can. >> he attends school in san jose. he is passionate about new fund-raising drive to help homeless afghans. >> they have worked so hard to establish themselves and all of a sudden the war happens and they are pulled out. >> he is hoping that a lot of more young people will want to get involved with his foundation and help homeless families. when they do it will be a real live history lesson. >> i hope it really works and changes people's lives. >> dan: amazing work being done. if you are hoping to get one of those long putters under the tree this christmas, you
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enjoy the calm while it lasts, it's changing. >> let's check out live doppler 7-hd. few showers developing up to the north, cloverdale area. light showers, real light showers go around sweet water springs road. this is just a few showers. we have the heavier storm coming starting at midday tomorrow in the north bay. wind advisory has gone up, thursday at 4:00 p.m. until friday. gusts up to 40 miles an hour. carquinez strait watch for broken limbs. big concern for the upcoming
9:50 pm
weekend is russian river near hopland expected to crest sunday morning, getting close to 20 feet. flood stage is 21 feet. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, mid-50s to mid-60s and here is what is coming, seven-day forecast, rain heavy at times, chance of thunder, wind, stormy sunday morning and then we'll get a break with milder weather. >> dan: thanks very much. football this weekend. raiders day we'll broadcast the raiders game at oakland coliseum. kick things off with a pre-game edition pre-game edition at 4:00 that is december 6th a week from tomorrow. raider nation. we invite you to e-mail fan photos at we'll show them on the air during raiders day which is next
9:51 pm
thursday. a controversial decision by golf's governing bodies. they say the long putters are illegal and should be banned. that means eliminating the putters by last three major champions. it's popular with emerging players around the world. a final decision will be made in 3 months but the ban is expected to go into effect in 2016. no tears will be shed by a number of players. tiger woods are swung why shouldn't be applied to the 14th. you'll have three years to use it and then you can use it but not just anchored to your body. i don't like them because they don't fit. >> you are not swinging free and players have actually commented on it to make their case to keep
9:52 pm
it. keegan bradley and simpson won major titles. >> dan: i'm not a big fan of them. >> senior tour, i think it should be but not on the pga. >> jim harbaugh has made his digs who will play quarterback. they decided
9:53 pm
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several reports say at least one winning power ticket was sold from arizona. and growing diabetes epidemic, why more people are likely to develop the disease in the u.s. government is planning to set off a nuclear bomb on the moon. top secret papers just uncovered. can you imagine that. schumann is here with a huge decision. >> coach harbaugh has made his
9:56 pm
pick. surprise, he named the kaep to start and what is the rationale. >> we you have two quarterbacks that we feel great about as starting quarterback. both have earned it and deserved it. colin is the hot hand and we'll go with colin. >> harbaugh decided to go with the hot hand which was easy call because alex hasn't played for two weeks. when asked if this is week to week situation, never assume anything. you take on young down to play. sure, he has had two games. longer you keep alex on the sidelines it could hurt.
9:57 pm
>> it's been great. he has helped me a lot. he helped me a lot going through the playbook. how we're going to do things and different possessions. he has been a great help to get me to where i am right now. >> he a class act all the way. as prepared as he is a starter. that is what we would expect and be ready to go and play and contribute to the football team. >> what you do you pat kap on the back. we're going to go with him and continue to win football games. >> raiders with good and bad news. linebacker was held out of practice because of undisclosed team related issue that the coach would not elaborate on. mcclain said he is no longer a raider. he could be released tomorrow. good news, running back darrell mcfadden and griffin both back
9:58 pm
to practice after spraining go ankles. there will be evaluated whether they will play on sunday against cleveland but he welcomes them both back. >> it feels like a lot longer than it actually has. to see them get in the huddle and get reps and good for the team but also good for all of us. >> and hall of fame 2013 ballot with barry bonds, same any sosa and roger clemens. 600 members will vote with the results being announced on january 9th. bonds is the homerun champ with 762. he won 7 mvp awards. this year's crop will be interesting as all have been linked to steroids. clem owns won a record 7 cy awards. they have to decide whether drug
9:59 pm
allegations will keep them out of cooperstown. >> non-conference match-up. cardinals coming to the game at 4-3 and point guard missed the game with a bum ankle. dave shaw attended tonight. that is josh and monster game, clarence the follow-up, used it as a shot blocking machine. gets ten of them late in the first half. here is two of the seven points. they take the lead. he pump fake and scores. less than a minute to go. there is a block number ten and stanford wins about it by 11:00. 68-57 the final. >> they were brawling in boston. former more kim kardashian. you don't do that. a shove to humphries chest.

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